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Item #DescriptionCatalog Sub-SectionUOMPriceAvailabilityQTY
4399941/2 50R WHITE EDGE ROLL 1000'/COIL 2.2# DENSITYEdge RollCoilContact Snyder for Pricing In Stock
4400003/4 75R WHITE EDGE ROLL 500'/COIL 2.2# DENSITYEdge RollCoilContact Snyder for Pricing In Stock
461409150X65 4MIL SHRINK 50/ROLL NO VENT FULL GAUGE 12RLS/SKIDBagsRollContact Snyder for Pricing In Stock
6891848" X 54" .030 PLASTIC PATTERN BOARD (350 SHEETS = 1000# MIN)Pattern MaterialsCaseContact Snyder for Pricing In Stock
15302312x600 CRONEL PLUS PERFED 6" POLY 6RL/BDLCohesive PackagingRoll$94.12 In Stock
90657106x375 C/F53 FURN.BUB.LITE BAGGED,3RD WEBFurniture BubbleRoll$267.91 In Stock
400297FG101 106X400 CF53 FURN. LAMINATE (73844)Furniture LaminateRoll$385.90 In Stock
46140090X65 4MIL SHRINK, 85/ROLL NO VENT, FULL GAUGE 12RLS/SKIDBagsRoll$261.89 In Stock
36997351"Lx48"D SNYDER BLUE BAG SMS 3 OZ 150 SKIDNon-woven BagsBags$1.72 In Stock
361408150X62 4 MIL SHRINK BAG NON-VENTED 50/ROLLBagsRoll$244.91 In Stock
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